The Pipeline Information Control System (PICS) is a information system to collect, organize, store and interpret technical and other data relating to pipelines. This data is generically referred to a “life cycle data” and specifically as design, materials manufacture, equipment supply, construction, inspection, commissioning, operations, In-Line-Inspection, pipeline excavation, corrosion assessment, pipeline repair and environmental data.

The ability to efficiently capture, correlate and make pipeline data actionable can provide owners and operators the opportunity to;

• Be lower cost service providers, therefore improving the economics of the pipeline project and the value for the shareholders and the customers,

• Demonstrate due diligence in the operations and maintenance of the pipeline demonstrating concern for the public and safety for the environment,

• More accurately allocate appropriate resources according to assessed risks,

• Demonstrate compliance with company or government standards,

• Identify similarities between characteristics which will eventually lead to failure.

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