Non-serviceable defects, such as cracking, dents, corrosion, or mill defects, are found in operating pipelines. Past methods to repair these defects have included removing the defect, welding a pressure containing sleeve, or, for corrosion, installing either a mechanically tightened or fibreglass reinforcing sleeve. These methods involved potential system shut downs, potential loss of throughput, and in some cases welding to the carrier pipe.

The PETROSLEEVE compression sleeve repair system consists of installing steel plate material that is shaped and sized to encircle the carrier pipe. The repair is completed while the carrier pipe continues to operate at the pipeline’s operational pressure.

Following installation, the pipe and sleeve act as one unit, expanding and contracting with pressure changes. Depending on the installation parameters, the repair sleeve can be installed so that compressive stresses are maintained in the pipe for all pressure operating ranges.

This repair method does not require any welding to the operating pipeline. It can be installed when the carrier pipe is at maximum operating pressure.

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