In early 1997, Lakehead Pipe Line Company, Inc. (LPL) purchased the Hartsdale Terminal to better serve customers in the Chicago area by providing additional crude oil storage facilities. This terminal is located adjacent to Lakehead’s Griffith, Indiana Terminal and consists of nine crude oil tanks totaling 900,000 barrels of storage capacity. All nine of the Hartsdale tanks were constructed in 1956, are 134 ft. in diameter, and are open top with double deck style floaters. This report describes the integrity analysis of the facility and the corresponding maintenance plan that was developed. The analysis portion of this report describes the inspections that were done on the tanks, covering aspects such as weld spacing; tank settlement; interior and exterior coating failure; tank shell, bottom, and pontoon corrosion; seal wear and performance; roof drain integrity; and other OSHA and API mandates. The resulting maintenance plan is approximately a five-year window and is currently in its first year. The five-year duration was based on issues both operational and financial. A portion of the discussion is focused on the challenge of combining these two components into an overall comprehensive plan. In addition, aspects affecting the maintenance plan such as risk assessment, OSHA and API standards, and budgeting issues are described.

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