Analysis of the breakdown-statistics of the Hungarian crude and gas pipeline system dating back more than 20 years shows the main sources of the errors. In order to prevent these, we have started a vast program regarding state monitoring of pipelines by means of the common use of on-line and above-ground methodes. Related expenses are as high as 8% of maintenance costs. Manual handling and analysing of the available and continually increasing data nowadays is already insoluble.

To solve the problem, we have decided to develop an integrated information system that integrates the technical data with the up-to-date GIS applications, thus providing a wide-range application possibility for the operating staff.

Integrity analysis is supported by the system, which shows the various examination results in a comparable way, their change in time can be followed, and there is a possibility to automatically compare them sinchronously with map displaying. The system is able to receive and process the results of outer examination (for example such as of an intelligent pipe scraper), but the sinchronous transmission into outer systems is also possible.

The development of the information system and especially the input of the data into the system is possible only at great costs but the usefulness of the application and the turnover of the investment can be, even if only undirectly, proved.

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