The climate in which pipeline companies operate continues to change. Industry failures, related to public safety and environmental concerns, are now front page news.

New and proposed regulations such as drug and alcohol testing of employees, instruments internal inspection and standardise oil spill response plans, are modifying the way pipeline companies operate. Paralleling this influences, the market place is also changing.

Declining domestic production refinery closures and new specification for refined products are altering the pipe line distribution system.

All of these changes are presenting new opportunities and many challenges.

In 1995, when CONPET S.A.PLOIESTI Formalised Pipeline Integrity Program, the reasons for the program were to:

- What is the location to pipeline rehabilitation?

- What is failure probability?

This paper reviews some aspects of the pipeline accident statistic to the CONSTANTA DIVISION parts of CONPET S.A.PLOIESTI.

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