Paulsson, Inc. (PI) has partnered with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and California Energy Commission (CEC) funded by the CEC grant PIR-19-001, to develop and apply cost-effective, all-optical Underground Gas Storage (UGS) reservoir surveying and monitoring technologies. This project was to determine the capabilities that fiber optic sensor technology may have in monitoring a natural gas wellbore and reservoir. The project goals and objectives include designing, prototyping, third party laboratory testing, building and installing a borehole all optical multi-sensor array into a well drilled at UGS facility. The optical sensor system has recorded a number of nearby small earthquakes which have provided the seismic sources that will be used for site characterization. The optical sensor array has also recorded large earthquakes in Japan, Peru and Fiji. The array will be used to characterize and monitor the gas injection and withdrawal operations for a number of months. The preliminary results of this project are discussed describing some potential applications for use.

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