Beginning in 2018, TC Energy began an effort to digitize inspection and construction management and internally named this concept the Dynamic, Digital, Data and Diagnostics platform otherwise known as “4D Inspection”. The 4D Inspection platform is built upon Project Consulting Service’s Epilogue® energy infrastructure construction management solution and is intended to evolve inspection reporting to a digital platform to create standardized construction reporting embedded with real-time compliance validations for efficient and effective management of field construction issues, progress tracking, and over-all construction quality monitoring. Currently, this effort is nearing the end of its first year of a multi-year implementation plan, the platform is in use on projects in both Canada and the United States spanning four different time zones with more than 595 inspectors on over $7.5 billion in capital projects. Even with implementation still underway, this concept’s key functionality, like automated inspection report document control, simplified photo capture with geo-tagging and automated daily progress reporting, has provided immediate benefits of more thorough, more reliable, and more efficient construction data than ever gathered using previous data collection processes. With improved data accuracy and detail, TC Energy gains insight and even foresight into how best to advance construction quality and safety while also impacting overall project costs and schedule.

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