There are many closed side branches in the gas conveying pipeline system. When the gas passes through the closed side branch, the shear layer will arouse the acoustic resonance in the closed side branch, which is harmful to the safe operation of the pipeline. The research work is insufficient about the influence of the cross-section shape of the closed side branch on acoustic resonance. Using the Detached-Eddy Simulation (DES) model, the acoustic resonance characteristics caused by the side branch pipe with different square cross-sections are simulated at the inlet boundary conditions of 25 m/s, 30 m/s and 35 m/s. The results show that in the center axis of the side branch, a 1/4 wavelength standing wave was formed, and the acoustic resonance occurs at a higher Strouhal number in circular branch. The cross-section shape of the side branch does not affect the acoustic resonance frequency, but it has a certain influence on the amplitude of pressure fluctuation and has a significant influence on the high-order frequency components.

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