Colonial pipeline’s asset data management team maintains large volumes of data, CAD facility drawings, and historical records. Organizing and encapsulating this data has been a historical challenge. Frequent requests for data relevant to individual projects was time-consuming and laborious. Colonial Scout was designed to be a simple self-help tool that allows employees to locate data quickly. Further, it was constructed to provide a one-stop shop for accessing Colonial data in its most current and up to date forms. Design of the Colonial Scout application took approximately six months to complete. The final result is an intuitive web map application connected to a versioned enterprise geodatabase. Within the application, relevant tools interact with live data, providing immediate access to Colonial’s most up to date information. Integration with FME server, adept document management and Esri’s ArcGIS enterprise have advanced colonial scout’s efficiency in locating data. These software products enhance colonial scout’s power as a help-yourself product for accessing current information through means of helpful data visualization. Colonial Scout is the go to source for alignment sheets, CAD drawings, property and easement records, locating tank assets, and Colonial’s 5,500 miles of pipeline assets. Users also have the ability to download data in a variety of file formats for project specific analysis and reports. Colonial Scout has significantly reduced the number of work orders related to searching for data, drawings and records. Employees are better informed by acquiring the latest information and no longer rely on outdated paper hardcopies. Colonial Scout is an innovative and expandable solution for Colonial’s ever-growing data needs.

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