The instrumented indentation technique (IIT) is a novel method for evaluating mechanical properties such as tensile properties, toughness and residual stress by analyzing the indentation load-depth curve measured during indentation. It can be applied directly on small-scale and localized sections in industrial structures and structural components since specimen preparation is very easy and the experimental procedure is nondestructive. We introduce the principles for measuring mechanical properties with IIT: tensile properties by using a representative stress and strain approach, residual stress by analyzing the stress-free and stressed-state indentation curves, and fracture toughness of metals based on a ductile or brittle model according to the fracture behavior of the material. The experimental results from IIT were verified by comparing results from conventional methods such as uniaxial tensile testing for tensile properties, mechanical saw-cutting and hole-drilling methods for residual stress, and CTOD test for fracture toughness.

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