An instrumented indentation technique is proposed as a method to directly measure the local yield strength distribution in each zone of gas metal arc welds produced in X80 linepipe. The joints were produced with different microstructures and mechanical properties by applying shielding gases with varying Ar/CO2 ratios of 50 to 15% CO2 and the addition of a pure titanium wire into the weld pool was used to achieve in-situ alloying. The local yield strength distribution for each weld zone was then measured with instrumented indentation. The mapped yield strength distributions measured by instrumented indentation was compared to the hardness distribution. In addition, the yield strength of each zone obtained by instrumented indentation were then compared to tensile test results from Digital Image Correlation (DIC), in order to obtain stress-strain curves for each microstructural zone of the weld. The yield strength results obtained from both techniques are in good agreement, suggesting that instrumented indentation can be useful method to measure the local yield strengths of specific regions in a welded joint.

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