Drag reduction agents (DRA) with its special properties adhering to the inner wall of gas pipeline can reduce the pipe surface roughness and turbulent velocity of gas flow. Injecting DRA into the natural gas pipeline is a potential and economical method which decreases the energy consumption and enhances gas delivery throughput. The premise that DRA can be used on site is to pass the performance test in laboratory, so reasonable DRA test system are designed through simulating the operation conditions of natural gas transmission pipelines. Emphatically improving the pumping system, atomization injection system and test pipe section. The pumping system adopts separation design pattern which can avoid various DRA samples blending drastically. The atomization injection system provides full atomized space for DRA solution which can ensure atomization injection process to carry out ideally. The test pipe section can replace quickly and ensure a higher measuring accuracy. The proposed approach above can perfect the test system for DRA used in gas transmission pipeline and can provide important guidance to the industrialized application of DRA.

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