This paper presents experimental and analytical results focusing on the strain limit of X80 linepipe. Ductile crack growth behavior from a girth weld notch is simulated by FE analysis based on a proposed damage model and is compared with the experimental results. The simulation model for ductile crack growth accompanied by penetration through the wall thickness consists of two criteria. One is a criterion for ductile crack initiation from the notch-tip, which is described by the plastic strain at the notch tip, because the onset of ductile cracking can be expressed by constant plastic strain independent of the shape and size of the components and the loading mode. The other is a damage-based criterion for simulating ductile crack extension associated with damage evolution influenced by plastic strain in accordance with the stress triaxiality ahead of the extending crack tip.

The proposed simulation model is applicable to prediction of ductile crack growth behaviors from a circumferentially-notched girth welded pipe with high internal pressure, which is subjected to tensile loading or bending (post-buckling) deformation.

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