This paper outlines the draft recommendations to be issued by Gazprom that deals with the advanced strain-based pipeline design to ensure pipeline integrity in harsh environments using stress-strain curve controlled high-strain line pipe (SSLP). The draft recommendations have been provided to employ the new design concept to some future pipeline projects. The analytical solution was adopted in the draft as the solution is useful to improve strain capacity by controlling the longitudinal tensile properties without increasing wall thickness. The concept was validated through full-scale bending test using X70, 1220 mm SSLPs. FEA clarified that the strain capacity in compression or bending of X70, 1420 mm SSLP, 9.8 MPa, is high compared to that of the standard line pipe (STLP). The strain demand required for the SSLP pipeline in the harsh environments shall be small compared to that for the STPL pipeline. The SSLP pipeline shall be beneficial for ensuring the pipeline integrity in the harsh environments.

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