One of any company’s major assets is information and there is no information without data. In this regard, there are numerous market solutions for maintenance data records. At times, data quality is not satisfactory and this prevents obtaining information, thus jeopardizing reliability of the assets, affecting efficacy of a company’s management decisions and causing serious problems.

This article aims to explain the use of the six sigma methodology to improve quality in maintenance records in the Natural Gas Department of Transpetro. To this end, the Maintenance Record Improvement Project was created, which involved plotting the execution process and maintenance records, development of portable tools for field records, redefining execution and management of routine maintenance processes, workforce training and cultural change. The article demonstrates how improvement opportunities were identified, mapping and measuring gaps, analysis of needs jointly with ways for treating them and preparing the action plan to prioritize the correction of deviations.

In order to control the process, an indicator was developed to monitor progress in the quality of completing the records in the diverse Work Centers in the Transpetro Natural Gas Department (DGN) maintenance area.

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