The Professional Qualification Program in Natural Gas Transmission (PQGN, in the Portuguese initials) was created in 2009 and started implementation in 2010 with the goal of training all technicians with less than three years’ experience at Transpetro and focusing on specific activities related to the transportation of natural gas to guarantee safety and operational continuity. It was developed with internal instructors to facilitate the sharing of technology between experienced technicians and those less experienced. Since its inception, the program has undergone many improvements and critical analysis. Today, the PQGN has five modules: fundamentals, pipeline maintenance, right-of-way maintenance, maintenance and local operations at compression stations and maintenance management. All courses have been developed based on the mapping of activities and tasks of the technicians. Critical tasks and activities have also been listed to develop the training program. The program has been extended to the experienced technicians in order to meet the minimum requirements of the Pipeline Technical Regulation published by the ANP [2] (National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency) in February 2011. This paper shows how the work was done and what was done in this period as well as some results of the project implementation.

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