Post-assessment of pipeline research project assesses the project implementation process and the subsequent effect of the project application. The former assesses the realization of the research goals, the quality of the project implementation, the conformity to the research plan, and the ability of the project manager, while the latter attaches more importance on the long-term application and achievement of the technology developed by the research project after it has been accepted by the administrative department for one year or more. Post-assessment of pipeline research project provides a reference for scientific and technological administrative department in decision-making to improve project quality and investment efficiency of research activities, upgrade the management level.

PetroChina Pipeline Company (PPC) used two years to set up the index system, choose the weight factors and build the assessment modeling of the post-assessment method. After that, a large number of research projects had been assessed by project managers and management staff to test the post-assessment method in order to modify the assessment software.

This paper will:

• Demonstrate the characteristics of the post-assessment of pipeline research project

• Describe the scope and content of the post-assessment

• Illustrate the process of the post-assessment

• Identify required index system and calculation modeling

• Discuss advantages of post-assessment in enhancing pipeline research project management

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