Challenging conditions for pipeline inspection can be caused by several different parameters and conditions (length, diameter changes, installations and operating conditions). Very often the real challenge is resulting from a combination of these influencing parameters. For example, a very long pipeline becomes particularly critical for battery lifetime if the flow rate is low. Each single individual parameter does not necessarily constitute such challenge. Some basic examples and a particular combination of pipeline parameters and operational conditions are presented in this article.

The crucial parameters of the regarded pipeline are: 36″, about 700 km length, high wall thickness, high pressure and flow rates and a subsea wye piece. Some of these requirements are already demanding for former inspection tools. But the complex interaction of the features increases the challenge for the tool design significantly. Particularly the combination of high flow, high wall thickness and the wye piece passage required special attention.

The article describes the pipeline properties and run conditions and the consequences for the entire cleaning and inspection program. Notably the interactions of the parameters regarding the MFL inspection are highlighted and the resulting tool concept is presented as well as the run results.

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