The challenging exploration conditions appearing in ultra deep offshore projects promoted the development of high strength linepipe steel grades with yield strength of 80 ksi and higher in recent years. With increasing strength more attention has to be paid to welding procedures to realise the required mechanical properties of the weld seam. The combination of demanding toughness requirements at low temperatures and adequate corrosion resistance of welded joints is a key for complex deep offshore riser and linepipe applications. The welding process was optimised by Vallourec with respect to heat input and preheating temperature for joining seamless quenched and tempered pipes in grade X80. A root welding strategy has been developed particularly with regards to sour service applications. Extensive mechanical test results including Charpy impact testing, hardness, CTOD and SSC testing will be presented. In addition Gleeble trials were carried out using different thermal cycles to simulate multilayer welding. The aim was to improve the understanding of the base material behaviour in the heat affected zone (HAZ) during welding. The microstructure was characterized by LOM, SEM and furthermore hardness and Charpy impact tests were executed. Based on the gathered knowledge and test results welding recommendations and welding strategies for high strength steel X80 seamless line pipes are deduced.

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