The pipeline industry has recognized the need for an improved process to manage pipeline integrity data, in order to better serve the needs of; business, operations and engineering, to satisfy corporate governance requirements and state and federal regulatory compliance. The use of an industry data model such as Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS), provides the foundational database structure for storing pipeline construction, operations and maintenance data. This provides an effective means to understand current state of the pipeline, but is not designed to store historical and large volume data sets.

Kinder Morgan along with other pipeline operators, presented a requirement and provided guidance on development of a Managed Integrity Data Process (MIDP) platform that augments typical PODS database implementations. This approach uses extensible methods and structure to further enable storage of the complete history of the pipeline and facilitate; time series analysis, trending, forecasting, and prioritization, to support integrity management decisions. The platform includes; data alignment tools for condition assessment from ILI/CIS surveys, management of pipeline history and providing an environment to deliver quick, accurate, and complete access to the integrity data via a WEB-UI.

In addition to storing pipeline condition information, the database architecture and surrounding process tools manage changes in pipeline position resulting from; relocation / reroutes, replacement and resurvey, while maintaining associated data attributes with these spatial location changes. The user has a complete GIS graphical view and synchronized tabular data view, showing changes to not only attributes, but changes in Class Location, HCA’s, and Risk results. This enables enhanced root cause, trend and forecasting capabilities. This paper will discuss; implementation, experience gained, and the value points within the various stakeholder groups, from the pipeline operator perspective.

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