The use of fibre optic based monitoring systems is becoming more common for new onshore pipelines. These systems are typically intended to provide leak detection and third party interference surveillance for long lengths of pipeline.

Between 2006 and 2008 BP and OneSubsea™ developed the optical technology that provides the basis for a fibre optic pipeline monitoring system (presented in IPC2008-64549). Subsequently BP installed the system on its Khazzan Extended Well Test (EWT) pipeline system in a remote location in Oman. In addition to the originally designed leak detection and third party surveillance capability, operating experience gained by OneSubsea on a variety of pipeline projects has demonstrated the ability of the system to track the movement of pipeline pigs. The monitoring system interface has been upgraded to integrate this additional functionality.

The paper describes the capabilities of the fibre optic monitoring system and through a case study illustrates the accuracy and operational benefits of the pig tracking capability.

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