In the custody transfer metering of natural gas, it’s necessary to transform gas volume from metering state into standard state. Natural gas is non-ideal gas, and its compressibility factor varies with different components, temperature and pressure. So the accuracy of its calculation has direct impact on that of natural gas metering, and then affects the economic benefits of the enterprise [1].

According to related standard of China, in the custody transfer metering of natural gas, the formula stipulated by AGA NO.8 should be adopted to calculate compressibility factor. But the components of natural gas must be monitored at all times when this method is used, and the calculation process is complicated. In practical operation of natural gas trade, compressibility factor changes because of frequent adjustment of pipeline operating conditions. In order to simplify the calculation, simplified formula is applied to calculate compressibility factor generally, but it’s difficult to guarantee the accuracy at the same time. In this paper, the simplified formula, which is used for calculating natural gas compressibility factor of a joint-stock natural gas pipeline of CNPC, is modified with the standard formula stipulated by AGA NO.8. After the modification, an empirical formula of compressibility factor calculation applicable to this pipeline system is proposed, whereby the accuracy of compressibility factor calculation is improved. When the modified one is applied to natural gas trade, the accuracy of metering is improved likewise.

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