As regulations and technology change, an alternative to paper-based construction records for material traceability, document management and regulatory compliance is required. The optimum solution provides a material traceability system that utilizes electronic data capture to drive the creation of a detailed and searchable database comprising of regulatory and company required project documents. By implementing a traceability and compliance program that includes material barcoding, mobile field data collection, mobile inspection reports, an electronic document management system and a compliance review by experienced personnel, pipeline operators are able to meet current regulatory requirements and derive benefits during construction. This enhanced traceability system minimizes transcription and seeks to replace many paper-based pipeline records. It also offers functionality to capture and manage existing paper-based documents, allowing this system to incorporate old and new methodologies simultaneously. System tools allow accelerated comparisons such as; all welds have a complete Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) record; all welders have a valid qualification test; or all pipe segments have a valid hydrostatic test record. The success of an effective pipeline traceability and compliance system requires innovative technology, the dedication and knowledge of experienced pipeline professionals, and most importantly, the lessons-learned implementing prior solutions.

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