This paper will discuss how the project team planned, designed and constructed a unique and innovative casing sleeve as one of the key solutions to overcome a major threat to the completion of a horizontal directional drilling (“HDD”) project (“Fraser River South Arm Crossing Upgrade Project” or “Fraser River Crossing”). In 2009 FortisBC Energy Inc. (“FortisBC”) started construction to upgrade its NPS 20 and NPS 24 pipeline crossings of the Fraser River, the largest river in the province of BC, Canada via HDD. Due to the poor surface geology at this location on the Fraser River, temporary surface casings were required on both sides of the crossing to get drilling activities into a formation suitable for conducting an HDD crossing. As a result, the Fraser River Crossing required an HDD rig to drill concurrently from either side of the crossing in order to create a continuous borehole (also known as an intersect crossing). During the pullback of the NPS 24 - 1.35 km crossing section, a major mechanical failure occurred when over 95% of the length had been pulled through. After multiple attempts to resume pullback by the HDD rigs and other onsite equipment were unsuccessful, the project team was left with the major challenge(s) of determining how else the crossing could be completed and the pipeline tied in on both sides of the river without incurring major business interruption in a busy industrial section of Richmond, BC. Moreover, FortisBC was faced with the possibility of having to abandon the project and the millions spent up to that point in time with no value. This paper will focus on how the project team overcame the challenge and mitigated long term operational issues that included maintaining adequate cathodic protection. Learn how the combined efforts of a multi-disciplined project team planned, designed, fabricated and ultimately successfully inserted an innovative casing sleeve, although unproven at the time and with its share of additional risks, after reviewing an extensive assessment of numerous alternatives as the optimum solution in order for FortisBC to finally complete the upgrade of its pipeline system.

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