CO2 Top-of-Line Corrosion (TLC) of carbon steel pipelines is a serious problem for subsea wet gas pipelines. A series of experiments were carried out in the high-pressure high-temperature condensation autoclave, in order to simulate the corrosion environment of TLC. The purpose of this paper was to compare the corrosion resistance of 3%Cr steel with API X65 pipeline steel in CO2 TLC environment. The composition and morphology of the corrosion scale were characterized by energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy analyses. The results indicate that 3%Cr pipeline steel shows relative good resistance to CO2 TLC, with slight pitting at static condition, however, X65 suffers severe mesa corrosion. The analysis of composition and morphology revealed that the amorphous corrosion scales was formed on the surface of 3%Cr steel. The localized corrosion of 3%Cr steel may be related to the uneven filling of Cr compound under static condition.

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