In 2004, in response to a number of internal and external drivers, the Pipeline Integrity Working Group (PIWG) of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) undertook to develop pipeline integrity performance indicators. The PIWG wished to create indicators that would assist in reporting performance to regulatory stakeholders and provide its member companies with a means of comparing their respective integrity performance with the performance of their peers in the industry.

The development of meaningful performance indicators is not as straightforward as it might appear. The performance indicator analysis and reporting has evolved since the initial report prepared in 2004, and now trends in the indicators are emerging that can be used to improve understanding of the issues and successes related to pipeline integrity management.

This paper describes development of the CEPA pipeline integrity performance indicators including:

• Stakeholder expectations;

• Characteristics of the CEPA performance indicators;

• The steps in development the performance indicators;

• Key elements;

• Data collection;

• Data analyses;

• Reporting;

• Significant modifications;

• Issues; and

• Next steps.

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