Heavy gauge X65/70 steels have been developed for deep-water offshore application. As the thickness of linepipe steels is increased, Mo, Ni, V alloying elements are generally employed to improve the low temperature toughness and strength balance. However, the price of such alloying element has been rapidly increased. Hence, in the present work, a lean composition is designed to achieve thick X65/70 grade steels with better strength and toughness balance. To prevent the degradation of toughness or strength due to a lean alloying composition, the authors optimize processing parameters, such as a rolling stop temperature or accelerated cooling patterns. By in large, two strategies have been applied to develop linepipe steels; i) cooling starts in γ + α region, and iii) rolling stops in γ + α region. These strategies promote ferrite+bainite dual phase microstructures exhibiting a good low temperature toughness and strength balance. Such dual phase microstructures are characterized by using EBSD (electron back scattered diffraction) technique. The result shows a percentage of DWTT shear area is strongly correlated with effective grain size (misorientation ≥ 15°). As a result, the present work demonstrates that heavy gauge API steels grade X65/70 can be achieved with Mo+V free or small addition of Mo alloying elements.

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