TransCanada Pipelines operates a large mainline pipeline transportation system. Engineering analysis and severe testing was performed to confirm that the PETROSLEEVE© Steel Compression Reinforcement Technology would arrest crack extension in large diameter pipe.

This testing involved putting a 50% crack into a section of 862 mm diameter, 9.5mm wall thickness grade 448 pipe. Then a compression sleeve was installed while the pipe was pressurized to 3800 kPa (38% SMYS). Following sleeve installation, the test vessel was subjected to 9000 cycles 7880 to 2960 kPa (80%–30% SMYS); 200 cycles 7800 to 0 kPa (80%–0% SMYS); hold pressures of 8870 kPa (90% SMYS) for 4 hours and 10840 kPa (110% SMYS) for 2 hours.

Following the cyclic pressuring, the crack was metallurgically inspected. It was reported by third party inspection that the compression sleeve reinforcement “can effectively suppress fatigue crack growth of an axial flaw (100mm long × 50% of the wall thickness deep) in the API X65 pipe.”

This paper reviews the engineering and cyclic testing undertaken.

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