Det Norske Veritas (U.S.A.), Inc. (DNV) has had the opportunity to observe and contribute to a significant number of longitudinal seam weld integrity management programs. DNV has used these opportunities to identify activities with a positive impact on the integrity management of the longitudinal seam welds for which they are implemented.

The Integrity Assessment activities identified by DNV include those pertaining to hydrostatic pressure testing, in-line inspection data, and in-line inspection technology. The Anomaly Review and Prioritization activities include excavation prioritization, control excavations, and investigative excavations. The Excavation and Repair Program activities include non-destructive examination techniques, technologies and validation, repair methods, and safety measures. The Tool Validation activities include in-line inspection specification and vendor feedback. The Reassessment activities include those pertaining to in-line inspection validation, operations, and reassessment interval calculation methodologies.

Not all longitudinal seam weld integrity management activities are appropriate for all pipelines. In these cases, the correct combination of integrity management activities will result in an effective longitudinal seam weld integrity management program.

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