Pressure transmitters (PT) are mounted on Diluted Bitumen (DilBiT) pipelines particularly in various locations around the pump stations. Conventional assembly of the PT includes short rigid tubing closely connected to the pipe. Due to fluid flow and equipment induced vibration of the main pipe, these tubing, being very short and close to the pipe, are vulnerable to break and hence becomes an integrity and reliability issue. For this reason, PT’s are often mounted at a longer distance away from the pipe (of the order of 2 meters) with the use of a flexible SS hose gaugeline to dampen vibration generated at the pipe/tubing connection. While this solves the problem of tube breaking, it creates an issue surrounding the effects of the long gaugeline on the dynamic response of the PT/gaugeline assembly to pressure variations, particularly in cold ambient temperature (e.g. −40°C). An experimental setup of a typical PT/flexible hose gaugeline assembly was placed in a cold chamber, and several tests were conducted on warm (10 to 20 °C) and cold temperatures (−40°C) to compare the difference in the dynamic response of the assembly. Several fluids filling the gaugeline were tested and compared. This paper present the test results and make a recommendation of the best fluid to use for the gaugeline to cope with −40°C ambient temperature. It was also found that no heat tracing would be required if this fluid is used.

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