The Petrobras Transporte SA Strategic Plan (SP) is an instrument that contains the strategic positioning of the company and aims at guiding the management and action plan in the achievement of the corporate goals. Apart from that, the SP explains the portfolio of investment projects by segment and business area.

Every year since 2009, the Terminals and Pipelines Board of Directors have allocated the strategic objectives under their responsibility in order to ensure the alignment of the strategic planning with the operational activities of the company. For this end the strategic objectives are distributed between the Pipeline Executive Management and the Marine Terminals Executive Management. This division allows for the assignment of responsibilities in a structured way throughout the organization, this way setting up the Tactical Plan of the Business Units.

To achieve the goals, the evolution of the Tactical Plan of the Pipelines Executive Management is monitored through regular meetings with the Regional Managements as well as through diversions, potential difficulties and corrective and preventive actions. Besides regular meetings, several instruments have been implemented for effective monitoring of the Tactical Plan, e.g. a web based platform for sharing information, video conferences, performance indicators and other tools that enable the management of the actions.

This paper aims to describe best practices applied to the purposes and goals of the Pipeline Tactical Plan under the management of the Southern Pipelines Management, describing their Benefits to the company in a long-term horizon under conditions of uncertainty of the international energy market.

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