Composite repair systems are being successfully and heavily utilized for the repair of a wide variety of pipeline systems operating at high internal pressures worldwide. Many of these pipelines employ cathodic protection systems as a preventative measure of insuring that the pipeline does not corrode. Even with advanced cathodic protection systems, there are still times that a pipeline may become damaged or corroded and composite repair systems are a popular choice. In order to qualify a composite repair system for use on a cathodically protected pipeline, the repair system must undergo specific testing to insure that there will be no issues of disbondment of the composite due to the cathodic protection system.

This paper discusses the testing of composite repair systems with varying fiber types, resins, and installation methods. Results have been gathered for several repair system options and indicate that there is variance in the results depending on the above mentioned variables. The results of each of these systems and the impact of the fibers utilized will be discussed and conclusions made as to the effect of cathodic protection on each.

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