Gibson Energy performed a liquid pipeline spill analysis on the approximately 1 kilometre long 168.3 mm Crude Oil pipeline near the Edmonton South Terminal. This pipeline crosses a sensitive tributary that drains into the North Saskatchewan River. The pipeline is currently not in operation, however is locked in with product. This spill analysis is unique in that the pipeline is under minimal pressure with no appreciable flow rate. As a result, the objective of this analysis was to illustrate the length of time required to perform drain down at various locations along the pipeline. The Spill Analysis consisted of modeling a potential liquid release scenario for overland flow modeling of a liquid release and reports both direct and indirect High Consequence Area (HCA) impacts. Additionally, data showing spill plume extents, final volumes and other GIS data was generated for map generation. This presentation will discuss the methods, data, parameters, and results of this analysis and the next steps in providing regulators sufficient information for a comprehensive contingency plan of the Edmonton terminal.

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