This paper describes the experience of Transpetro’s Oil Pipelines and Terminals Unit regarding an institutionalized knowledge management (KM) process of systematically promoting technical forums focused on: (i) pipeline and terminal operations; (ii) industrial maintenance; and (iii) right-of-way activities management. This empirical work adds evidence that in the model of cooperative and communicative knowledge management it is necessary to motivate staff to provide the company with their tacit knowledge and to take a proactive part in knowledge management processes, particularly in technical forums. Within this KM perspective, technical forums have been held by Transpetro for the following purposes: (i) to discuss the main barriers and challenges the Oil Pipelines and Terminals unit has to face in the coming years; (ii) to share and disseminate good practices concerning oil pipeline and terminal activities; (iii) to discuss new processes, methods and equipment developments with potential application in business and operational processes; (iv) to establish action plans concerning the main challenges, barriers and opportunities; (v) to disseminate Research and Development (R&D) projects in course, new procedures, methods and equipments and (vi) to promote integration among forum attendees. The two year-experience in Transpetro’s Oil Pipelines and Terminals Unit revealed that technical forums have been an important instrument for cooperative and communicative knowledge management, according to evaluations from 173 attendees.

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