This paper describes the process by which visual operations management (VOM) tools were implemented, concerning standards and operational procedures in Petrobras Transporte’s Oil Pipelines and Terminals Unit. It provides: (i) a brief literature review of visual operations management tools applied to total quality management and the standardization processes; (ii) a discussion of the assumptions from the second level of VOM (visual standards) upon which Petrobras Transporte’s oil pipelines and terminals business processes and operational procedures are based; and (iii) a description of the VOM implementation process involving more than 100 employees and one illustrative example of “Quick Guides” for right-of-way management activities. Finally, it discusses the potential impacts and benefits of using VOM tools in the current practices in Petrobras Transporte’s Oil Pipelines and Terminals Unit, reinforcing the importance of such visual guides as vital to implement regional and corporate procedures, focusing on the main operational processes.

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