The new CSA Standard, Security Management for Petroleum & Natural Gas Industry Systems, is changing the operational landscape throughout the oil and gas industry. This document focuses on an innovation that will help pipeline operators meet the new recommendations for monitoring and managing their remote assets as outlined in the new CSA standard. This paper includes an analysis of the current monitoring architecture that can be used for compliance with the new regulation as well as a detailed comparison of different architectures. New video surveillance architecture developments are also reviewed. The IntelliView technology uses software that turns passive cameras into video sensors capable of reporting video-based behavior exceptions based on user-defined rules. A hardware device known as a SmrtDVR sits on site and records the video in the highest quality (H.264) to ensure the images are clear for review and investigation. It acts like the brains of the system, able to think if the images it is seeing on the cameras are ones that it has been programmed to alert the pipeline operator about. Alerts can include: trip wire, loitering, object taken/left behind and man down. When an alarm is triggered, a real-time event notification is sent in an (optional) JPEG format to smart phones, monitoring stations and/or third party monitoring companies. These in-situ devices require minimal communication, power and IT infrastructure and notify operators with video driven alerts. A performance evaluation of the proposed system is presented that illustrates how IntelliView’s unique architecture is outperforming the current industrial practice.

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