Economic contrast of crude oil transportation charge between pipeline and railway affects the pipe network and rail network planning of the area, and the relevant studies have not been seen in literature. On the basis of evaluation methods and parameter and other relevant provisions of construction projects regulated by China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), the paper conducted a comparative study on the transportation charge of crude oil by the pipeline and railway. The transportation charge by the pipeline was calculated based on the minimum attractive rate of return (MARR). The results show that transportation charge is 0.06∼0.14 CNY/ton·km and will decrease with the size of the diameter of the pipe and increase with the distance of the transportation. The study on railway transportation charge shows that the charge is 0.13∼0.25 CNY/ton·km, which will decrease with the distance but has no relation with the amount of crude oil. The thicker the diameter of pipe, the lower the charge is by the pipe, which is relevant to the loading rate. When the loading rate is 38–72%, the transportation charge by the two ways are almost the same.

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