Standards and Recommended Practices require periodic updating so they represent current technology and industry practices. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z662 “Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems” contains Annex E that covers software-based leak detection for liquid hydrocarbon pipelines. The CSA Technical Committee determined that is was time to update Annex E. A Task Force of industry experts and regulators met over a period of 18 month to draft a new Annex E. This paper outlines some of the significant features of the new Annex and where possible does a comparison with the similar section in American Petroleum Institute’s API 1130 which covers recommended practice for software based leak detection in the US. A pipeline operator should consider using both Annex E and API 1130 in the implementation and use of a software-based leak detection system. The CSA Task Force did not want to copy and modify API 1130 to provide a new Annex E, so both documents provide necessary information.

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