The National Control Center Operation TRANSPETRO created an information site that allows obtaining in real-time, using a system PIMS (Plant Information Management Systems), the information of process plants involved in the operations of our pipelines. The site provides different views for different clients. It also indicates the logistics transportation schedule progress, pipelines operation rates, comparative graphs (like global movement historical by period), transportation summaries by product or regions, covering all pipeline operations in Brazil. We also have links to process data of some plants long and short oil pipeline and for transfer of custody, obtaining information on pumps, valves, control valves, pressure and flow of the operation in progress. The pipeline location maps have a dynamic representation using geographic maps and showing the pipeline status. We are still developing applications to improve the information quality for clients, what give us feedback about the site’s stage progress. When we created the site of the National Control Center Operation TRANSPETRO we seek the principal function of technology PIMS “collect data from all areas of a plant and provides them for any type of application and makes it a great diffuser of information across the various organizational levels” [1].The benefits obtained from deploying the site using the PIMS technology brings potential gains support for the “decision-making of strategic and tactical levels of the enterprise” [2].

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