A major nitrogen gas pipeline provider in Latin America was faced with an emergency situation when a local hot tapping contractor failed to perform what seemed to be a simple hot tapping job on an 8 nitrogen gas line. The tapping machine became stuck and caused a gas leak. Faced with a leaking pipe and a hot tapping machine that was stuck to the pipeline, the pipeline provider called upon TDW to resolve the multiple issues and perform the hot tap as originally intended. A customized solution was required and a special plugging head was designed that included a plug holder with a urethane plugging head. A 6 hot tap was made on the part of the pipeline that was direct opposite to the faulty hot tap, and the hole from the faulty hot tap was immediately plugged with the urethane plugging head. The tapping machine was subsequently removed and valve finally closed. The focus of this paper is intended to illustrate the importance of safety and introduce a unique back-up solution that can be put together in the event of an emergency.

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