There are three main methods and process for forming pipes from plates “Roll Bending”, “JCOE” and “UOE”. In all of the above mentioned ways part of the pipe will remain flat, and can not achieve the desired curvature of the pipe. These areas are generally at the two longitudinal edges of the open seam pipes. For obviation of these flat areas at the longitudinal edges of the pipe, the pre forming machines for “JCOE” and “UOE” processes, and the post bending machine for “the Roll Bending” process are used. In the post bending machine the final shape of the pipes is determined based on the rate of the machine hoist pressure and the spaces between the rolling dies. These parameters can have various effects on the mechanical properties of the final welded pipes. In the research that has been conducted at SAFA Rolling & Pipe Mill Company, the amount of hoist pressure and the final shape of the open seam pipes in the post bending machine, and their influences on the mechanical properties of the welded pipes, have been investigated herein.

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