This paper introduces the concept of a Pipe Data Log (Pipe Log). The idea is not new but a Pipe Log is rarely created for new pipeline projects. A Pipe Log is frequently created as part of the post-construction process and is intended for Integrity purposes. However, creating and populating the Pipe Log as construction proceeds can provide multiple benefits: • Progress of all aspects of construction can be tracked. • Anomalies in data received can be identified immediately and rectified before the project proceeds. • Missing information can be captured before the project is completed and crews are demobilized. • The field engineer can compare with design to verify that the project is being constructed as it was designed. • When construction is complete the Pipe Log will be as well. WorleyParsons Canada Services Ltd., acting as Colt Engineering, worked on behalf of Enbridge Pipelines Inc. and created a detailed Pipe Data Log for the Canadian portion of the Southern Lights LSr Project. The Pipe Log was created using Microsoft® Excel with a line item for each individual piece of pipe that was welded in the pipeline. Information corresponding to the location of each pipe segment, welds performed, material, terrain, coating, protection, and testing was recorded. The Pipe Data Log is excellent for auditing data as the information is being entered. Information collected by the surveyor can be matched to that provided by the pipe mill and by weld and NDE inspectors. Missing or questionable information can be corrected during construction much easier than post-construction. At post-construction, the Pipe Log allows the Integrity team to quickly determine if there are other areas of concern that have similar properties to another problem area.

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