Whether it is an increasingly engaged public demanding a company’s attention to project requirements and commitments or increased expectations of regulators to have project requirements and commitments documented more explicitly than ever, compliance management has become increasingly important for successful project execution. Ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements and project commitments is Enbridge’s expectation of all its major pipeline projects. The increased focus on compliance management previously described, combined with the historically high number of major projects currently in execution or planned to be undertaken, has resulted in Enbridge enhancing how it approaches compliance. The key modifications include: 1. Implementing a standard compliance management process across all projects and embedding this process within Enbridge’s major project Lifecycle & Gating Control Process. 2. Leveraging available technology to a greater extent in terms of supporting compliance management. This paper will provide insight into Enbridge’s compliance management process, with particular focus on how software is being used to supplement and enhance the process. Specifically, details with respect to how Enbridge’s compliance software is supporting project planning, reporting and querying, notifications, controls, and documentation, all from the perspective of regulatory compliance.

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