Accidents which resulted in lost work time: using a different concept to deal with safety, focusing directly on the behavior of the worker, leading the worker to a sharper perception of the risks and thus enabling a change of behavior towards a safer attitude. “Sounds and Links” Project: the programmatic content was made through musical dynamics because music has the power to evoke feelings, stimulating the participants to live intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships in order to promote safe behaviors. The methodology used was: • “Andragogic (adult education) Model”; • multidiscipline language; • Methodology of “experiencing and living”; and • Focus on the day-by-day situations of work and life. The project was applied to four groups with 60 people, consisting of employees from TRANSPETRO and its contractors, other group with 60 people, composed by leaders, and one group with all participants of the five groups for the general closing session. Expected Results and consequences of the Project: • to turn the concept of safety as a real value to the worker; • to preserve the integrity and to value the life; pursuit a lasting and stable changing of behavior, based on a safety culture; and • to support the management safety system and reduction of the accidents.

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