One of the greatest difficulties faced by Work Safety teams is keeping workers committed to and focused on safety practices in their day-to-day work. With time, the worker tends to become accustomed to the way safety information is fed to him and he becomes indifferent, allowing lapses that can result in incidents and/or accidents. In order to break the routine that provokes such lapses, PETROBRAS/ENGENHARIA/IEDT developed the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) MOBILE project, using educational-and-artistic tools for training in the field; a much more enticing method than conventional presentations in training rooms. The dynamic approach includes 15-minute theater-and-video presentations at the worksite and conveys messages of awareness and prevention related to Health, Safety and Environment – HSE. The goal: encouraging workers’ attentiveness and commitment to safety practices. The HSE MOBILE project aims to prevent lapses of safety practices and to reduce the number of incidents and accidents through the use of HSE points considered priority for the construction of pipelines. An analysis of the performance record in HSE shows that the Mobile HSE project has two distinct benefits. It improves behavior and attitude in the field, by increasing the perception of risk and recognizing work safety. It also produces positive results in audits by reducing the number of accidents.

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