We present a hybrid solution (UHC) for multi-parameter underwater pipeline repair. The UHC project involved three phases 1) initial assessment and temporary repair 2) design of novel solution taking consideration of all parameters and 3) implementation. The resulting vessel enables repairs on pipelines 6 to 36 in diameter and to depths of up to 33, under one atmosphere of pressure or in a true hyperbaric environment. In the project, the UHC was lowered into position, hydraulically clamped around a pipeline, sealed to the pipeline, counterweighted to negate buoyancy, and pumped dry yielding a submerged dry habitat; equipped with leg support from the river bottom and anchor attachment points to compensate for current. Two manways extend to the surface of the water. Air movers, rescue and other equipment are installed and the UHC is occupied by confined space trained personnel, welding technicians and inspectors. The pipeline was then repaired with no compromise in integrity or need to take the pipeline out of service.

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