The present paper describes the tasks developed along 550 kilometers of PETROBRAS TRANSPORTE South Region right-of-way where there are more than 1000 kilometers of onshore pipelines. This work was based on the company Integrity Management Program, with focus on risk reduction due to third party damage, promoting social accountability and environment preservation. On the Introduction there are presented pipeline failures stats in USA and Europe. It’s visible in the stats that third party damage is one of the most common pipeline failures responsibleness. In the next topics we list the mitigation methods based on the Integrity Management Program that involves risk analysis; inspection plans based on risk; plan check and program audits. On the Detailed Plan we present standards and normal requirement for pipeline integrity; the Company GIS — Geographic Information System — where you find the pipeline data with its position and depth from ground level; the action plan to correct anomalies found during inspections; and the awareness programs performed through the Communication System to answer the solicitations registered at TRANSPETRO Call Center. We also present the social and environment Responsibility Program that includes the Identification of the communities around our right-of-way, the social and environment classification and the projects development to guaranty the installation integrity that contribute to the communities quality life raise. The Communication Plan for the stakeholders is based on API 1162 – Public Awareness Programs for Pipeline Operators. This plan is accomplished by a team of different professionals such as communication and social service professionals and others. They visit Public Officials (City Hall, Civil Defense, Fire Department, Road Police and Public Services Providers), Excavators, land owners and communities with the objective to guide and publicize safe and co-responsible manners to pipeline installations. It’s remarkable the creation of especial projects in the communities along the right-of-way, such as Communitarian vegetable fields, mobile movie theaters and educational effort in high schools. We also present the results from the Integrity Program to prevent third party damage, the improvement promoted and the recommendations to make it better. At the end we present the costs involved in all actions to prevent third party damage by Brazil South Region Pipeline Operator.

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