With increasing demand of high strength and high pressure pipelines in gas transmission industries, the fracture control design of pipelines has been driven primarily. This paper addresses the stress and strain fields for a crack in a wide plate component under biaxial loading, which simulates a large diameter pipe subjected to inner pressure coupled with axial loading. Three-dimensional FE-analyses are conducted. It was found that biaxial loading has a significant effect on the stress fields of through-thickness crack; the near crack-tip stress is elevated to a large extent by biaxial loading. By contrast, the stress field for a surface crack is not sensitive to biaxial loading, while the near crack-tip stress at the crack corner is increased locally by biaxial loading. The Weibull stress criterion was applied to discuss the biaxial loading effect on the brittle fracture strength of the wide plate. Ductile crack initiation properties are also discussed with two-parameter (plastic strain and stress triaxiality) diagram. The ductile damage is increased by biaxial loading for a through-thickness crack, whereas a surface crack has little effect of biaxial loading on the ductile damage.

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