Under certain conditions, pipelines may be submitted to biaxial loading situations. In these cases, questions arise about how biaxial loading influence the driving force (i.e.: CTOD, J-integral) of possible presented cracks and how affects the material fracture toughness. For further understanding of biaxial loading effects on fracture mechanics behavior of cracked pipelines, this work presents a numerical analysis of crack-tip constraint of circumferentially surface cracked pipes and SENT specimens using full 3D nonlinear computations. The objective is to examine combined loading effects on the correlation of fracture behavior for the analyzed cracked configurations. The constraint study using the J-Q methodology and the h parameter gives information about the fracture specimen that best represents the crack-tip conditions on circumferentially flawed pipes under combined loads. Additionally, simulations of ductile tearing in a surface cracked plate under biaxial loading using the computational cell methodology demonstrate the negligible effect of biaxial loadings on resistance curves.

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