Vyksa Steel Works (VSW), part of United Metallurgical Company (OMK), has manufactured a trial batch of large diameter pipes for subsea pipelines in accordance with the DNV-OS-F101 standard and the specification of the Nord Stream project. The plates were produced by Dillinger Hu¨tte (DH). The batch included 1,220 mm (48) diameter pipes of steel grade SAWL 485 (X70) with a wall thickness of 33 mm and 36 mm. All the requirements were met and OMK/VSW became Russia’s and the CIS’s first qualified producer of subsea pipes in accordance with DNV-OS-F101. In order to meet these high-class property requirements for thick wall pipes a successful development program was performed. The development program is outlined and the test results are explained. As a further consequence of the successful qualification work VSW became one of the two suppliers for the world’s largest and first 48 diameter pipe subsea pipeline project (Nord Stream). Pipes will be supplied for the most sophisticated segment with wall thicknesses of 30.9 mm, 34.6 mm and even 41.0 mm. Results of manufacturing procedure qualification testing (MPQT) and start of production are presented.

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